Saving our Community, One Pound at a Time.

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Linda Fondren started Shape Up Vicksburg to help residents of her hometown lose weight. Mississippi has carried the title of “fattest state” in the nation for the past six years.

Fondren offers free fitness and nutrition classes and also started a walking club for the community.


Vicksburg residents have lost 15,000 pounds since Fondren started her mission.

Shape Up Vicksburg is a grassroots movement to make our city the fittest in the nation. Two-thirds of our residents are obese or overweight. Obesity is a dangerous condition and major public health issue. Five of the ten leading causes of death and disability in the United States – heart disease, certain forms of cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and hypertension (high blood pressure) are associated with overweight and obesity. Our vision is to end this epidemic and help our citizens become healthy and stay healthy.  We are committed to reaching every member of the community, regardless of age, size, ethnicity or socioeconomic status.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight is not easy. The Shape Up Vicksburg program is designed to create a new way of life that can be maintained over time. Reasonable changes to life style can lead to significant results, such as lower blood pressure, increased energy and reduced the risk for major diseases. With the help of community business leaders, other non-profit organizations, local churches, health agencies, and each other, we can save our city, one pound at a time.

Helpful information about ways to improve your health can be found throughout this site. Knowledge about activities such as walking, jogging, fitness classes, yoga and local races will be provided. Workshops on nutrition, stress, cooking and disease prevention will be announced on the Monthly Calendar of Events.

Click here to sign up today and take the first step towards a better life.

For more information about Linda Fondren and the shapeupsisters foundation visit today



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